T h e R o m a n s m a d e w i n e h e r e o v e r 2 0 0 0 y e a r s a g o . T o d a y , o u r s w i n m e d a l s . E x p e r i e n c e c o u n t s .


A n E n g l i s h m a n , T w o I r i s h m e n , A F r e n c h m a n a n d a H o s t o f A n g e l s

Our beautiful vineyard shares its name with the chapel of Notre Dame des Anges, who watches over us from the summit of a hill where Roman soldiers once stood guard, looking across a colourful mosaic of vineyards to Mont Ventoux, “The Giant of Provence”, now one of cycling’s greatest challenges.

Vines have been grown here for over 2000 years. In that time, while empires rose and fell, Domaine des Anges has had many owners, but its success today is due to the efforts of an Englishman, two Irishmen and a Frenchman.


W o r k i n g f o r N a t u r e . W o o l l e y W o n d e r s . T h e P o w e r o f S m a l l .

Every second vineyard claims to have a microclimate, and special soils and fields facing the sun are a necessity, so we won’t bore you with all of that. Altitude is important, ours is 400m. It’s rare and valued, because it deliverers cool evenings which enable vines to rest. But, helped a little with hands-on, careful and sustainable viticulture, it’s nature that does most of the work.


H i s m o t h e r b e l i e v e s h e i s a g r e a t w i n e m a k e r . F o r t u n a t e l y , s o d o o u r c l i e n t s

After nature and nurture have done their best in the vineyards and it’s time to harvest, Florent Chave, our winemaker, takes over. To protect the freshness of the grapes, the faster they are picked, de-stemmed, crushed and in tanks the better. Every step of the journey from vine to wine is his responsibility and picking a date to start is quite tricky, as ripeness of fruit and weather conditions have to align.

The Collection

O u r W i n e s

These tasting notes are provided by Giles MacDonogh, a historian, wine writer and painter. For fourteen years he headed the German Jury at the World Wine Awards, for ten he chaired the Austrian Jury; but his heart was always in the Rhone Valley.

E n j o y a g l i m p s e o f D o m a i n d e s A n g e s

We would like you to experience the spirt of this place; to smell the thyme and lavender of Provence; feel the sun on your face and see the hills change colour in the light of evening when, as Yeats said, “peace comes dropping slow”.

Come. Share a glass with us, and the angels.