W o r k i n g f o r N a t u r e . W o o l l y W o n d e r s . T h e p o w e r o f s m a l l .

The Vineyards

Every second vineyard claims to have a microclimate, and special soils and fields facing the sun are a necessity, so we won’t bore you with all of that. Altitude is important, ours is 400m. It’s rare and valued, because it deliverers cool evenings which enable vines to rest. But, helped a little by hands-on, careful and sustainable viticulture, it’s nature that does most of the work.

Baa and Baaby

The contribution of our woolly wonders, the goats and sheep that keep weeds and grass under control and fertilise our land, is vital. They feed the microbiome in our soil that is essential for our vines and our wine and, indeed, our planet.

Caring For Nature

I t s m u c h m o r e t h a n d i r t . I t s a m i c r o b i o m e .

A full bin at harvest time

Domaine des Anges is a small vineyard, because we like it that way.

It keeps us close to what we do and avoids the industrial processes that Big often demands. We are happy chasing Better. And we prefer to know our vines, wines and clients personally.

And so it begins
A rising star

A p p e l l a t i o n V e n t o u x P r o t é g é e

We grow the classic vines of the Southern Rhône: Syrah and Grenache and a very successful outsider, Cabernet Sauvignon, for our red wines and for our white wines, Bourboulenc, Roussane, Grenache and Viognier. Some of our vines are over 50 years old: they yield less, but, like old violins, they deliver special notes and are given special care. We know each of them personally!

90% of winemaking takes place in the vineyards – healthy grapes make great wines. But it is munificent Mother Nature who makes that happen, despite all that humanity has thrown at her. Our contribution should not be overstated, because it diminishes her importance.

M i n d f u l o f t h e E n v i r o n m e n t .

We share Domaine des Anges with a profusion of flora and fauna, all of whom enjoy the 20 hectares of woodland we have set aside as a nature reserve to offset our carbon footprint. We are immersed in the natural world: dragonflies swoop, flowers beguile, eagles soar, hares dance, and wild pigs sometimes eat our grapes. It’s paradise. It’s our home. And we work to preserve it.

Everyday, we are reminded about how lucky we are to be in this beautiful place beneath the old chapel of Notre Dame des Anges. We are reminded how fragile the world is now, and how careful we need to be in maintaining and fostering our relationship with nature. We take that responsibility seriously.

Our mission is to express our gratitude by giving the best of ourselves to the wines we create in a place that we love. We hope you will find all of that in the bottle.

After 100yrs, an old warrior at rest